More Series + What's Coming Up!

In the past few weeks on Monday Morning Haskell, we’ve been very busy. We’ve gone over several different parsing libraries. We started with Applicative Parsing and then learned all about Attoparsec and Megaparsec. If you missed it, that series is now available as a permanent fixture on our advanced topics page! So make sure you check it out!

Monads Series

The parsing series made an important distinction between applicative code and monadic code. If these terms are still a little foreign to you, don’t worry! You’re in luck! We’ve also added a new series in our beginners section dedicated to monads and other abstract functional structures! You’ll start by learning about the basics of functors and applicative functors. Then you'll work your way up to all different kinds of monads!

Coming Up: APIs!

In the next few weeks, we’ve got more new material coming up on the blog! Starting next week, we’ll be learning to use APIs to connect to many different services using Haskell. We’ll start by sending SMS messages with the Twilio API. I recently worked with this API (in Haskell) at a Hackathon, so you’ll be able to learn from my afternoon of pains and frustrations!

After that, we’ll spend a couple weeks working with emails. We’ll use the Mailgun API to master the basics of triggering an email send from our Haskell code. Then we’ll see how we can combine this with the Mailchimp service to subscribe people to an email list!

All these APIs have complex side effects we need to manage. We’ll also want to be able to test the systems without these effects occurring. So once we’re done learning the basics, we’ll examine how we can write these kinds of tests.

So keep coming back every Monday morning for some new content! And speaking of emails and email lists, if you haven’t yet, you should subscribe to Monday Morning Haskell! You’ll get our monthly newsletter and you’ll also be the first to hear about any exciting offers!