October 2018

Deeper Stack Knowledge

Adding Middleware to a Servant Server

September 2018

Spock Databases and Sessions

Web Routing with Spock

Uncommon Monads

Using More Monads

August 2018

Looking Back at My Mistakes

Haskell From Scratch Announcement

Series Spotlight: Haskell Web Skills

Haskell Code Formatters

July 2018

Beam: Another Database Library

Advancing Past Beginner Haskell

Series Spotlight: Liftoff Series

Summer Preview

GHC 4: Read Issues

June 2018

GHC 3: Hacking Syntax

GHC 2: Basic Hacking

GHC 1: Preparation


May 2018


Intro to Nix

Github Automation

BayHac 2018

April 2018

Dockerizing Haskell

Haskell, Stack, and Circle CI

Haskell and Heroku

APIs Series Review

Connecting to Mailchimp

March 2018

Using Haskell and Mailgun

Sending Texts with Twilio

Parsing Series Review


February 2018


Applicative Parsing II

Applicative Parsing I

Gherkin Syntax

January 2018

Monday Morning Haskell: Upgraded

Functors Done Quick

The Speed of Laziness

Immutability's Advantages

Typeclass Basics

December 2017

Haskell Data Types in 5 Steps

Syntactic Implications of Expressions

Expressions and Types Distilled

1 Year of Haskell

November 2017

Discussing Haskell's Type System

Using Eff

Monadic Interpretations

Organizing Effects

October 2017

Esqueleto and Type-Safe Joins

Testing an Integrated System

Haskell, Redis, and Caching

Making a Server with Servant

Persistent: Haskell and Databases

September 2017

Grendade: Dependent Typed Neural Networks

Dependent Type Placeholders

Tensor Flow and Dependent Types

Convolutional Neural Networks

August 2017

Creating Our Flow Graph

Tensor Flow Part II

Intro to Haskell and Tensor Flow

Haskell and AI

July 2017

Errors in Haskell

Command Line Options

Using HPack

Graphs Part II

Graphs Part I

June 2017

Using Better Data Structures

Profiling in Haskell

Intro to Lenses

JSON Serialization

May 2017

Using Conduits

Different Numeric Types

Haskell's String Types

Improving Your Imports List

Testing in Haskell

April 2017

A Project in Haskell: One Week Apps

Haskell and Deliberate Practice

BayHac 2017

Compile Driven Learning

March 2017

Learning to Learn Haskell

Interview with Doug Beardsley

Type Laws

Monad Transformers

February 2017

State Monad

Reader and Writer Monads

Monads Part 1

Applicative Basics

January 2017

Intro to Functors

Easing Haskell's Intimidating Glare



Typeclass Basics

December 2016

Making Types Readable

Making Your Own Data Types

Using Compound Types

Understanding Haskell's Type System