Haskell Tutorial


If you've always wanted to start learning about Haskell and never knew where to start, look no further! Our Liftoff series is a tutorial designed to take you from zero knowledge about this language to writing your own code! You'll start by getting all the necessary tools on your computer. Then you'll learn all the basic language mechanics and syntax. You'll finish up by writing out your own data types!

Part 1: Installation, Expressions, and Types

To get started with this series, check out the first part! It'll walk you through installing Haskell and understanding all the fundamental concepts of the language!

Part 2: Modules and Function Syntax

Once you're done with part 1, move onto part 2. There, you'll learn about writing your own modules and more advanced function syntax.

Part 3: Making Data Types

Haskell's type system offers us a number of awesome features that are incredibly difficult to achieve in other languages. In part 3, you'll learn the super simple syntax behind making own our data types!

Review: Beginner's Checklist

Even after you finish this tutorial, your journey is still just beginning! Download our Beginner's Checklist to review all the material in this series and get some more helpful tools and resources!