Happy New Years from MMH!


As 2018 comes to a close, I’d like to personally wish all my readers a happy new year! It’s been a big year for Monday Morning Haskell. We’re now more than two years old. We’ve grown a lot in readership, and tackled some very complex topics. We also released the first iteration of our Beginner’s Course, which will soon be re-opened!

New years is a time when I always like to get back to the basics a little bit. So for January, I’ve got a special series focusing on the simple things that drew me to Haskell in the first place. Haskell is a very different language from most. It has a lot of tools to express simple concepts that other languages struggle with.

We’ll look at things like type declarations, parametric types, and type families. We’ll compare the code required to express these concepts in Haskell and other languages. We’ll see the costs and benefits, and how Haskell gives us a lot more guarantees about how our code will work.

Besides our weekly blog posts, we've got some other big plans for 2019. We’re also looking to add another full-length course to our collection this summer! It will target a lot of the more advanced concepts we’ve gone through in this blog. You won’t want to miss it, so stay tuned!

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