Monday Morning Haskell: Upgraded!

Welcome to the new Monday Morning Haskell! We just went live with the latest changes to the website this week. So it’s time to announce what’s coming next. Our main project right now is converting older blog content into permanent, organized, series. We currently have two sections for these series. One is focused on beginners, the other on more advanced Haskellers.

Beginners Section

The Beginners Section will obviously focus on content for people who are new to Haskell. Right now, there are two series of articles. The first is our Liftoff series. If you have never programmed in Haskell before, this is the series for you! You'll learn how to install Haskell on your system, as well as the core language mechanics.

The second set of articles is our Haskell Brain series. This series focuses on the mental side of learning Haskell. It goes through the psychological hurdles many people face when starting Haskell. It also goes over some interesting general techniques for learning.

Advanced Section

The Advanced Section features content for those trying to make the step up from hobbyists to professional Haskellers. It incorporates two of our more recent series from the blog. First up is the Web Skills series. This series goes through some interesting libraries for tasks you might need when building a Web backend. For instance, you'll learn about the Persistent database library, the Servant API library, and some general testing techniques.

The advanced section also features a series on Haskell and machine learning. It starts off by making the case for why Haskell is a good fit for machine learning in general. Then it goes through some specific examples. One highlight of this series is a tutorial on the Haskell Tensor Flow bindings. It also gives some examples of using dependent types within Tensor Flow.

Resources Update

We've also made a big update to our subscriber-only resources. All the resources are available on the resources page. If you're a subscriber to our email list, you should have gotten an email with the password to this page! If you're not subscribed yet, you can still sign up for free! You'll get access to all of these:

  1. Beginner's Checklist – The newly revised version of our Getting Started Checklist will help you review some of the core concepts of Haskell. It will also point you towards some additional resources to help you learn even more!
  2. Production Checklist – This NEW resource lists a large number of libraries you can use for production tasks. It goes well beyond the set covered in the web skills series and gives a short summary of each.
  3. Recursion Workbook – This workbook contains a couple chapters of content that will teach you all about recursion. Then it offers 10 practice problems so you can put your skills to the test!
  4. Stack Mini-Course – This mini-course will walk you through the basics of the Haskell Stack tool so you can actually make your own projects!
  5. Servant Tutorial – At BayHac 2016 I gave a talk on the Servant library. If you're a subscriber, you can get the slides and the sample code for that talk.
  6. Tensor Flow Guide – This guide accompanies our Haskell AI series. It goes through all the details you need to know about getting the Haskell Tensor Flow library up and running.

If you subscribe, you'll also get our monthly newsletter! This will detail what's new on the blog, and what content you can expect in the future!

The Blog

Going forward, I'll be continuing to take some older blog content and form it into coherent series. Most of my weekly blog posts for the time being will focus on announcing when these are available. I do have quite a bit more fresh content planned for the future though, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if there's an old blog article you're trying to find, you can use our search functionality! I've added tags to each blog post to help you out!

So don't forget, if you want access to our awesome resources, sign up for free!