1 Year of Haskell

This week marks the one year anniversary of Monday Morning Haskell! I’ve written an awful lot in the past year. It’s now obvious that the “blog” format doesn’t do justice to the amount of content on the site. There’s no organization, so a lot of the most useful content is stuck way down in the archives. So I’m taking this opportunity to announce some plans to reorganize the website!

Website Organization

I have two main focuses when it comes to Haskell. First, making the language easier for beginners to pick up. Second, showing the many industrial-strength tasks we can perform with Haskell. There will be two different sections of the website highlighting these components.

There will be a beginner’s corner that will focus on giving advice for starting the language from the ground up. It will feature content about the fundamental concepts and techniques of the language. It will also showcase some advice for conquering the psychological hurdles of Haskell. There will also be a section devoted to articles on production libraries, such as the recent series on building a Web API and using Tensor Flow.

Future Posts

This means I'll be focusing on organizing permanent content for a while. As a result, I won’t have as much time to spend on new blog posts. But I will still be publishing something new every Monday morning! These new posts will focus on distilling concepts into the most important parts. They'll look back at earlier lessons and pick out the highlights. Of course, I still have plans for some more in-depth technical tutorials. I’ll be looking at areas such as front-end web development, creating EDSLs, the C foreign function interface, and more.


I also am working hard on some new course material to go with our current free mini-course on learning Stack! I'm currently working on a full-length courses beginners course to help people learn Haskell from scratch. I will follow that up with another course aimed at using Haskell in production. This second course will go through both generally important production skills and showcase Haskell libraries applying those skills.


Altogether, the fun is just beginning at Monday Morning Haskell! I’m committed to continuing to build this website to be a resource for beginners and experts alike!

If you’re a beginner yourself, check out any of our newbie resources, like our Getting Started Checklist, our Recursion workbook, or the Stack mini-course mentioned above!