Our series on making a web app

Part 1: Persistent and Databases

In the first part of this series, we'll use the Persistent library to create a simple database schema and easily create some migrations for our database.

Part 2: Servant Web API

Once we have our database set up, we'll want to serve the information we're storing over a web API. We'll do this with the Servant library. Check out part 2 of the series!

Part 3: Caching with Redis

Now that we have our API set up, we'll see how we can make it faster by adding a cache! We'll learn how to use the Redis bindings for Haskell! See how it all works in part 3.

Part 4: Testing with Docker

Our end-to-end system is now quite complicated, so testing it is difficult for a variety of reasons. We'll see some techinques to test our web API, and also use Docker to make this process easier. See all the fun in part 4.

Part 5: Esqueleto

In the final part of our web app series, we'll learn some more about advanced SQL queries. We'll use the Esqueleto library to perform type safe joins and extend our schema.

Review: Production Checklist

This series goes over some cool libraries, but there's still so much more to explore! Check out our production checklist and explore a slew of other libraries you can use for various tasks in making a production system in Haskell!